LI Donglu Chinese, b. 1982

1982 Born in Guangdong, China
2002-2004 Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China
2006-2008 Ecole des Beaux-arts de Versailles, France
Lives and works in Paris since 2004
Li Donglu does not live and perceive time scale as ordinary people usually do. Li Donglu's work is characterized by a unique fusion of traditional Chinese aesthetics and contemporary expression. His pieces often captivate with their deft use of color, light and composition, creating evocative and complex visual landscapes.
Like a meditating monk seeing all the pictures bombarded all day long in various media whirling around him, Li Donglu opens his eyes and takes these afterimages that he combines with various outstanding current events. He superimposes them, mixes them, and thus creates his enigmatic pieces. The oil, which requires an incompressible time to dry, represents a decompression chamber, allowing time for reflection. The artist gives this nebulous aspect to his works in order to suck the viewer into his surimpressions, as if trying to freeze this fleeting time.
Li Donglu explores visions that lead us into a timelessness bearing witness to his qualms, these fragments of souls. His art is meditative, even therapeutic for some, but the proposed topics carry the scars of an education conditioned by over consumation, faster and faster production, until exhaustion, until destruction ... It is up to us to follow the path of the artist and to find our bearings in this space-time, a second breath, a glimmer of hope ?