LI DONGLU: Zao Wu, at Dawn of Chaos

8 September - 6 October 2018
A2Z Art Gallery is very pleased to present “Zao Wu, at Dawn of Chaos”, the third solo exhibition at the gallery of Li Donglu, Chinese artist born in 1982, trained at the Fine Arts School of Canton in China (2002-2004) and at the Fine Arts School of Canton of Versailles (2006-2008).

In the line of his pictorial reflection based on time and moods, this year Li Donglu invites the public to experience the so-called power in China, the 造物 (“Zao Wu” in pinyin). Called biblically “Genesis” in the West or “Cosmogony” in the world of science, “Zao Wu” embodies in China a divine force at the origin of the creation of the Universe.

To paint his landscapes with surrealistic flashes, Li Donglu chooses to use the first glow of the rising sun that begins to whiten the horizon: the Dawn.

For the artist, these landscapes, induce a priori like large, silent and quiet expanse, which are, in reality, representations of worlds in tension ready to explode at any moment. The trails of lava flowing along the rocks or fires crisscrossing the roots of the trees vibrate then as warning signs of an environment where there is confusion, disorder: Chaos.

It is therefore the beneficial light of the Dawn that reveals all the power of Nature whose destiny is doomed to destruction. From then on, the “Zao Wu” resonates at the moment when Nature, so tranquil in appearance, can at any moment release its immeasurable energy where the earth’s surface is ready to burst and rise from the ashes.