Born in 1985, Gunma, Japan.

Tatsuhito HORIKOSHI received a scholarship in 2005 and graduated with a Master of Fine Art from the Tama Art University in 2010, with a major in painting. Since then annually, he has held solo exhibitions consecutively in Japan and in 2019 held a solo exhibition inTaipei. The artist has also exhibited in group exhibitions and international art fairs in Paris, Korea, Hong Kong, Taipei and Japan.

Working from memory and imagination, Horikoshi uses portrait painting as a medium to introspectively examine and reflect social dynamics. His characters are lucidly influenced by his lifelong exposure to manga, animation and illustration.The facial features are 2D, it is apparent that neither his conscious nor his subconscious competence will allow him to draw anything but relatively flat manga-like portraits.When the artist paints a self-portrait, this is never obvious, as he will use disguises and his characters often display awkward posture or setting with abstract objects or a prop that leads to an underlying narrative.