Ma Desheng: Poésie des formes

2 - 25 February 2023

A2Z Art Gallery is pleased to announce the eighth solo exhibition of artist Ma Desheng at the gallery. The exhibition showcases the diversity of the work of Ma where he expresses his sensibility, fragility, and tenacity. Ma Desheng reveals to us the extent of his practice where sculptures, paintings, drawings, and wood prints harmonize.


The rocks, emblematic motifs of Ma Desheng’s practice, balance and come to life in this organic inertia. These families welded together in bronze are also reflected in the strength of his brushstrokes. It is through luminous and shimmering colors that figuration and abstraction interpenetrate.


These rocky features could be seen as a metaphor for the individual balancing on the collective; sometimes becoming gestures, abstract forms, landscapes, and women. The mineral bodies reverberate on different supports inviting the spectators to perceive “this breath” of existence that Ma Desheng advocates in his work.


In continuous movement with irregular and fluid textures, it is the harshness of this destiny that is highlighted above all, like the dream and the infinite.


The imprint of spatial poetry, a poetry of forms.