22 Jun - 26 Aug 2023
From the labyrinthine drawings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi to the literary constructions of Jorge Luis Borges, from the symbolic landscapes of Jerome Bosch to the paranoid architectures of Kafka, art and literature have never ceased to propose impossible or absurd space-time, which postulate alternative versions of reality. These constructions sometimes testify to an anxious vision of the future, are sometimes the reflections of an interior world or a mental projection.
In an era of climatic anxiety, the art of the early twenty-first century is haunted by new forms of landscape. Hors sol, proposed by the Radicants Curatorial Cooperative, presents artists whose visual imagination is anchored in landscapes that refer to today's world, while questioning our relationship to the future.
The artists gathered in this exhibition share, to varying degrees, a certain darkness: the feeling of evolving in an endless world (Bao Vuong, Louis Le Kim), leading to a tension or a tightening of space (Turiya Magadlela, Shiori Eda), to the construction of an imaginary universe (Charles Avery) or a purely theatrical and "played" one (David Noonan).

The exhibition is in collaboration with RADICANTS.