Lê Thuý 1988

Lê Thuý is based in Hoi An, Vietnam, graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 2013. Her works are witnesses of the times through a personal lens. The artist believes that the desperate struggle to survive is reflected in the behavior and reveals the origin of a people. Through her work, she expresses her concerns about the environment being destroyed; the anguish of the desperate and forgotten in society; the cultural ruptures; the intergenerational bonds and heritage are gradually disappearing, leaving only mute echoes.
Focusing on traditional materials such as silk and lacquer, Lê Thuý has spent more than 10 years continuing to explore and discover their new possibilities of expression through intervention and interaction with space; connection between traditional and contemporary.
Lê Thuý's art has been recognized by many prestigious organizations in Asia, most recently: The Sovereign Asian Art Prize (Hongkong, 2022); solo exhibition ‘The Silence is Deafening’ (Vin Gallery, Vietnam, 2020); exhibition ‘The Glass Box : Afar And Within: Silk Paintings Of Two Milieus’ (The Factory Contemporary Arts Center, Vietnam, 2017) and The Young Talent Program (ION Art + Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, 2016).