Emeric Chantier was born in 1986 in Montreuil France. He creates a corpus of vegetal and mechanical sculptures highlighting the introspective feeling perceived by the human when facing the origins and the future of Nature.
By experiencing the «model making», Émeric Chantier crosses the molding technique and collage to explore industrial materials such as polyurethane foam or natural elements like ground and wood. By this process, the sculptor tries to awaken again the collective consciousness of humanity, itself invited to rethink its place in the environment. It is through a dualistic vision that the artist carves and questions the consumer society with an unconscious certainly look but above all positive and hopeful.
Emeric Chantier begins his work by choosing objects which speak to all and using the elements which we can identify. The work is not meant moralizing but-provoking, meditative and reflective of the intrinsic link between the generational history from Humanity to Nature.