"Abîme", Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France
”Symbol Atomium“, Brussels, Belgique
“ ID#2018, A Circular Journey“, Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
Centre Pompidou (in occasion of the opening of Fiac), Paris, France
“Resonance de Cartier“, le Bund, Shanghai, China
“50 colors”, A2Z Art Gallery, Paris, France
“Palais of speed” (music of Le Tone), Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
“Talk” (music of Thomas Vaquie), Atomium, Brussels, Belgium?
“ADAM”, Art & Design Brussels Museum, Brussels, Belgium?
“VS Carre X”, Croisement Festival, Guangzhou, China
“New Realities in the 20th and 21st Century”, Opera Gallery, Hong Kong
“Diamond”, LVMH, Paris, France
“Potted Palm”, VAW Festival, Mexico, Mexico
“Out of control” (music of Stephane Beauverger), Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
“The Opus” (music of Kraftwerk) (Curator: Bobby Narula, collaboration with French designer Matteo Messervy), The opus building, Bangkok, Thailand
“Green Room Session”, Paris, France
“Lunettes M”, Mojo Tour of artist M
“1056 x 18” (music of Mum), C42 show room, Paris, France?
“Blue Rider II” (music of Eprom), Jakarta, Indonesia?
“ID#2013 Poeme Numerique”, Atomium, Brussels, Belgium?
“#uttruckshop” (music of Kavinsky and Sebastian Testarosa), Uniqlo, New York, USA
“So Ouest” (music of Yuksek), Auditoire, Levallois, France
“Grill of fourmis”, Aparak 2.0, Rennes, France
“Trafik“ (music of Mimosa), Zenith, Nantes, France
“Little Ghost” (music of Le Tone), Fab Fest, La Galte Lyrique, Paris, France
“Radio FG”, Grand Palais, Paris, France
“Organic Culture” (music of Le Tone), Scopitone, Nantes, France
Theatre Liberte (music of Le Tone), Toulon, France
“8-BIT Kermesse 3”, Labanque, Bethune, France
“88” (music of Le Tone), Le Garage, Bethune, France
“Poom Box”, Poom Music Band
Usina Electrica (music of Le Tone), Electricity Factory, Festival Outsider, Buenos Aires, Argentina
BNP Opera (in collaboration with Superbien), Paris, France
“Atomium” (music of Le Tone), Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
“Blue Rider“, from Shanghai to Shenzhen, China
“Flux” (music of Le Tone), Nuits Blanches, Metz, France
“Uniqlo / VS / Laclique” (music of Le Tone), Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, Paris, France
“48 x 48”, Digitalnights, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, Singapore
“Nemo-104“, Festival Nemo-104, Paris, France
“Exit 2010”, Festival Exit 2010, Creteil, France
“Digital Experience”, Festival Crossing The lines New York, USA
“Mini 20n”, Macy's Broadway, New York, USA?
“Pixel Display #01”, F.E.S.T., Carthage, Tunisia?
“48 x 48”, Festival Scopitone, Nantes, France
“Scattered”, Theatre de l'Agora, Evry, France
“106” (music of Le Tone), 106, Rouen, France
“3x5x8”, Galerie Numeris Causa , Paris, France
“Digital Experience #02”, Shanghai eArts Festival, China
“Digital Experience #01”, Shanghai eArts Festival, China
“Blended Blood", Bund, Shanghai, China